How To Build a Minimal Wardrobe?

Building a minimal wardrobe, while most men would scoff at the idea, is the only thing men would need. No, they wouldn’t need millions of suits, shoes and pants. The truth is that one would only need a small wardrobe. It is important to look at your lifestyle. If you’re a banker, you’re going to need more suits, but if you’re working in a more industrial or creative setting, you wouldn’t need too many suits.

Here’s a great video from one of our partners!


Keeping Your Long Hair As Gent As It Could Be

Long hair is always awesome, for men that is. From the olden days of Greece, to the modern rockstars of today’s music scene, long hair is charismatic as it can be beautiful with men. But men aren’t too keen with their haircare, so here’s a video showing how to pull back your long hair stylishly for men


If you need to, here’s how to make your long hair look more masculine. We believe this is definitely something useful.